Latest News! Whitehaven Beach was recently featured on review website as the no.1 Bestseller for Children's Environment ebooks, which is great!


Hello! Welcome to my site. I write about mysteries and I hope you enjoy them. Come and find out more about me, my secret agents, Marcus, Megan and their beach hut in

The Paradise Beach Mysteries. The first three books have been published and next year I'll be releasing the fourth in the series. Find out more about entering the competition to guess where the next beach mission will be!

Whitehaven Beach

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The Paradise Beach Mysteries series

Secret agents everywhere are invited to step inside the amazing Bexhill-On-Sea beach hut of The Paradise Beach Mysteries and join Megan and Marcus Morgan, as they travel at the speed of light to far-away top-rated world beaches, in a quest to save them from environmental ruin.

Cathy Maisano

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Kindle UK Ranking #1 for Whitehaven Beach in June 2017!  Thanks for the great reviews. So happy to hear that you love the story!

Competition time - for everyone!

I'm currently writing the fourth book in the series and if you think you know where the beach might be, I'm giving the opportunity to win a set of the three books so far!

Just email me at, the name of the beach that you think Marcus, Megan and their beach hut will be heading off to, by 5th October 2017. The first person to get it right, wins all three books.  Good luck!

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