Cathy Maisano is a cultural researcher who spends her time learning about different places and people. As a child growing up in Australia, her back gate opened directly on to a beach lined with different coloured beach huts and she spent many happy hours playing among them and choosing her favourite one. Nowadays, having travelled to many beaches around the world on research projects, Cathy has an expert knowledge of their differences and the environmental problems facing so many of them.  

Cathy is known in the business world as a cultural insight specialist, who studies people and places. She has researched topics such as the meaning and experience of journeying in Sweden; socialising amongst Russians in Moscow and Indians in Mumbai; computer gaming in Western Europe; eating ice-cream in North America and Canada; chocolate-shopping in England and jewellery-wearing in Australia. She works in many countries for world-famous brands.

She researches physical settings – an outdoor space, a retail place, a hotel, a hospital, a library, courtroom or even home. She believes that an environment and its design (albeit natural or man-made) influences the way we will behave in that space.  In turn, this causes our human impact on the given setting.

She has been writing for several decades for clients – providing detailed analyses and creative brainstorming for new products and services. Fiction writing naturally began bubbling within her and the quest of discovering beach environments has resulted into her latest published novels.

She aims to immerse and educate children and adult readers alike, of beautiful beaches of the world and the mission to preserve their pristineness forever.

‘Studies have shown that running and moving water make people happy.’ 12th Duke of Devonshire said.

Beaches have a magnetism – they draw us to them; welcoming us to be free and uninhibited – to belong, no matter who you are.  Cathy believes they are happy places for a multitude of reasons.

 Whilst she wishes she had a beach hut to live in, she enjoys beach life rain, hail or shine!

About the author.

Currently, Cathy lives almost quite literally right on a beach in Sydney, Australia with her husband and children.

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