Anglesea Beach, Victoria, Australia.

My Mum's beach of wellness

August 21st, 2017

Most of us come away from a day at the beach and we feel like it's been a holiday. We feel rejuvenated. Doctors have been prescribing trips to the seaside as early as the 18th Century. I've been reading up on the physical health benefits of going to the beach and it is remarkable how good it is for all of us. No wonder the beach holiday is such a core part of so many lives! But to access the beach more than once a year could hold the key for so many in their quest to be well or to improve upon their wellbeing. It's a wonder we don't see more workshopping on beaches that assists with connecting with the benefits of the beach environment. Personal fitness coaches are onto it and meditation instructors, but what about school groups, elderly people, or other groups in society that struggle with ailments. Perhaps more people on the beach all year round, might result in less people in the doctor's waiting room. I've managed to summarise the core physical benefits here in a way that might be of interest...

August 9th, 2017

Finally! Hello! I can get this blog started. It’s so wonderful to think about yours and my BEACH WELLNESS!  My what, you say?  Beach Wellness - it’s a term I’ve come up with to best describe our increased connection with the beach that benefits much more than the obvious cooling off, invigorating swim. It’s about gaining an uplift and energy in life that transforms, heals, inspires and moves us. The beach is many things to many people, but when we explore our relationship with it, we can connect in four meaningful life-enriching ways. Whether we aren’t always aware, the beach environment impacts us and has lasting effects if we want it to.

The four life-enriching connection points of the beach to us are Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. That’s not rocket science, right? But whether it’s high-energy action or low-energy relaxation, the beach calls out to us to connect in one or more of these four ways – and all of them are good for us.

So keeping it a short blog. Remember: Beach Wellness. It’s what it’s all about.

My next post will dig into the first of the connection points: Physical. Breathe easy – it won’t be hard core theory. Hopefully it’s fun to explore what we can do for ourselves when being at the beach – anytime of the year.

I’m yet to set-up a comment box for you, so just use the email for now and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Thanks and enjoy your day.

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