Hanauma Bay

Within minutes of receiving their orders, top-ranked agents, Megan and Marcus Morgan, who work for the secret organisation known as EP, are embarking on their second thrilling mission to solve an environment-related beach mystery. Their incredible beach hut, Parry, magically transports them from their holiday at Bexhill-On-Sea in East Sussex to the faraway tropical paradise of Hanauma Bay in Hawaii. Setting to work quickly, Megan and Marcus soon discover that rubbish is mysteriously mounting in the bay, threatening to destroy the reef and marine life within days. When the dangerous investigation starts to go wrong, the children find themselves held as captives by ruthless criminals in a camouflaged rubbish dump. It seems that Megan and Marcus are destined for destruction – but can they escape and save Hanauma Bay – or will this beautiful beach paradise be gone forever?

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Matira Beach

​Time is running out to save the emerald green waters of Matira Beach in faraway Bora Bora, French Polynesia, from criminals willing to destroy one of the world’s most precious beach environments. Setting off on a new thrilling spy mission to solve an environment-related beach mystery for the secret organisation known as EP, Megan and Marcus Morgan are transported by their magical beach hut, Parry, from their holiday beach at Bexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex, to the beautiful island of Bora Bora, where they are faced with a fast-decaying coral reef, a dangerous hotel property developer and a mysterious hotel guest who hates children. What is it about the famous Bora Bora black pearl farm that might save the pure waters of Matira Beach – as well as Megan and Marcus themselves?

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Whitehaven Beach

​Marcus and Megan can’t wait for the summer holidays to begin at Bexhill-on- Sea, where their own incredible beach hut, Parry, doubles as a high-powered rocket ship. Before long, they are heading for Australia on a thrilling mission. As secret agents, they must confront a dangerous gang to try and save a beautiful beach from certain environmental ruin. When they spot a massive crocodile mysteriously devouring all the famous white soft sand on Whitehaven Beach, things start to go seriously wrong. Marcus sees Megan being swallowed by the reptile and does not hesitate to plan a daring rescue operation. Skilfully, he helps her to escape, but as they are planning how to recover the stolen sand, the thieves return and the two young agents find themselves in great danger. Will Whitehaven Beach be lost forever? 

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